Seahawks Will Play Buccaneers In Germany In 2022

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The Seahawks will be counting on their fans in Germany, the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as fans who make the trip from the United States, to turn Munich into home in November. And if Allianz Arena ends up being packed with 12s, that will hardly come as a surprise given the support the team has in Germany, which began to grow considerably last decade when in 2015 the German TV Network ProSieben MAXX began airing NFL games. Because they were coming off of consecutive Super Bowl appearances, the Seahawks, as well as the Patriots, found themselves on the German airways pretty frequently, leading to a big growth in Seahawks fandom, former German Sea Hawkers president Maximilian Länge explained in 2018.

The German Sea Hawkers currently have more than 32,000 followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and in 2021 had 38,674 users and 186,814 page views. Last season, more than 50 members of the German Sea Hawkers came to Seattle for the Seahawks’ Week 11 game against Arizona.